Is Biblical Christianity Republican?

False Notions About Christians and Politics

In untangling this issue, it’s important to dispense swiftly with several false notions.

The Faith demands political engagement

First, the idea that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics. This is the easiest mistaken idea to refute. If Jesus is Lord of all things, and he is, he is certainly Lord of politics. When we pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven,” we implicitly recognize that the will of God does not exclude politics.

Political engagement demands partisan politics

Second, we should jettison the idea that because the word of God stands above and judges all politics and political parties (it emphatically does), partisan politics is unimportant or unnecessary. The Bible knows nothing about political parties, certainly not as they appear today in constitutional republics, but the Bible does expect us to be faithful to the Lord in the totality of our lives (1 Cor. 10:31–33), and to be attentive to the historical situation in which he has placed us (1 Chr. 12:32; Phil. 4:11–13).

The two parties are not equally objectionable

Third, the suggestion that the Republican and Democrat parties are equally objectionable to biblical Christianity is demonstrably false. In my response to Pastor Timothy Keller on this very issue, I wrote in “Is God a Republican or Democrat?” the following:

The Democrats’ burgeoning apostasy

Over the last 40 years, the Democrat Party has become increasingly Leftist, honeycombed with Cultural Marxism, in fact, so devoted to the Sexual Revolution that Joe Biden today believes minor children should legally be permitted to determine their “gender,” i.e., get sex-change surgery. This is nothing short of criminal child abuse, and no Democrat as late as four years ago would have argued for it.

The Republicans’ comparative faithfulness

By contrast, today’s Republican Party is boldly pro-life. While they have wrongly capitulated to economic protectionism during the Trump years, they tend to hold generally firm domestic free-market views. They are less aggressively anti-gay “marriage” than they should be, but they are much more pro-family than the Democrat Party, which in effect is anti-family, and there’s not even a comparison between the parties on other social issues.

God’s law in politics

While not all (or even most) Christians are called to be political activists, all are called to be faithful to Jesus Christ in every area of life, and in constitutional republics like the United States that includes politics. And to act as Christians in politics is to act according to the word of God, and to do that, we must work to conform politics to God’s moral law found in the Bible.

Politics 2020

Now back to U. S. partisan politics in 2020. We can’t be politically faithful if we avoid the institutional vehicles like parties open to Christian influence. Clearly that is presently the Republican Party. This party is not an unvarnished reflection of adherence to God’s moral law, but it is patently open to godly influence and, in fact, has been so influenced.


Christians need not be registered Republicans, or vote for every Republican in every race. But they must not assume that avoiding partisan politics entirely is an option open to Christians dedicated to a relevant application of the Faith in culture.



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